A letter of gratitude for the steady contribution of the Neorion Syros Shipyard to the Fire Department was sent to Mr. Panos Xenokostas, President & CEO, ONEX Group by the Commander of the South Aegean Regional Fire Department, Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece, Mr. Athanassios Petrou .
In his letter Mr. Petrou expresses the heartfelt appreciation of the service for the continuous support of the historic shipyard, as it has repaired and still does fire pumps and vehicles of the Ermoupolis Fire Department. The contribution of Neorion Shipyards and the technical support were and are necessary for the daily and unhindered operation of the service.
As Mr Petrou points out: “These actions contribute to the preservation of the moral of the firemen and strengthen the high sense of cooperation between the staff of Neorion Shipyards and the Ermoupolis Fire Department”.
Finally, the Commander expressed his willingness for the continuation of the excellent cooperation and wished for the progress and prosperity of the Neorion Syros Shipyards at all levels.
This appreciation letter indicates once again ONEX’s Group support to the Greek security and civil protection forces and in this particular case to the Greek Fire Service, whose officers and fire fighters protect Greek citizens from wildfires and other natural disasters. ONEX Group thanks them for their tireless and often heroic efforts, and promises to strongly support them to their daily struggle.