ONEX NEORION SHIPYARDS S.A is a high tech shipbuilding, repairing and upgrading company. Our shipyard in Neorion, Syros Island, Greece provides its customers 360o degrees integrated solutions covering ship design, construction and support tailored to their specialized needs while at the same time providing a complete set of support, maintenance services demonstrating supreme innovation and operational excellence.

Ideal Location

Our shipyards are located at Neorion, at the port of the island of Syros, Greece, in the South Eastern Mediterranean: a most strategic spot in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Therefore we provide the ideal maintenance and shipbuilding base for any vessel, commercial, military or recreational in the region and the Middle East.

Exceptional Workmanship

The Neorion Shipyards are traditionally famous for their specialized personnel, certified and capable for handling any shipbuilding and maintenance project.

Equipped with high-end machinery are available 24/7 for servicing all types of vessels.

By selecting ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS your vessel remains always afloat!

160 Years of Operations

Established in 1861, the Neorion Shipyards is the first heavy industry plant of the Balkans.and was the Greek shipyard that constructed the first steam ship in the region.

In addition, the same facilities produced military equipment and in 1973 were the pioneers in manufacturing one of the original concepts of the battery electric car!

Greek Shipyards: ONEX NEORION SHIPYARDS S.A: Now ONEX SHIPYARDS is entering to a new era of development by expanding the shipyards’ activities to new markets such as LPG/LNG conversions, oil rig and major off shore constructions

Always pioneering the Design Department of ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS will present in the near future to the global maritime community state-of- the art vessels, constructed of aluminum to the extent of carrying ICT applications and even stealth technology where applicable.

Our services

ΟΝΕΧ SYROS SHIPYARDS provides turn key high tech solutions/services in design, manufacture and life cycle support and introduces new innovative services that ensure total customer care and adjustment to the challenges of the new era.

New Buildings Management

  • Production Planning
  • Production Progress Monitoring
  • Shipyard shops coordination
  • Subcontractors coordination
  • Technical Support

Personnel Training

  • Inter-enterprise training and retraining for various skills
  • Training of young unemployed for various skills
  • Large-scale training, research and study projects

Health & Safety

  • Sick-bay and first-aid facilities
  • Daily attendance of doctor
  • Liaising with local National Health Department & Hospital
  • Yearly checks of all personnel

Quality Management / Quality Control

  • Performs all kind of quality inspections.
  • Quality control can be performed by the foremen of each department.
  • ISO 9001:2000 (BV) certified

Safety & Security

  • Personnel safety
  • Yard safety
  • Vessel safety
  • Proximity to local public fire brigade & hospital

Environmental Protection

  • Seminars and training for environmental protection
  • In compliance to international regulations
  • Under contract with NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS
  • Skimming vessel


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Mega Yachting

Defense Vessels & Naval Systems

Oil Rigs & Research Vessels

LPG/LNG Vessels

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication



Years of Experience


Steamship ever built in Greece (1893)


Original Concept of Battery Electric City Car (1973)


Heavy Industry Plant in Greece

Our Work

Mega Yachts

Commercial Maritime

Defense Vessels