Defense Vessels and Naval Systems

Adopting the strategy ofcontinuous development

Adopting the strategy of continuous development and the provision of integrated customized solutions, has developed programs for the construction of reliable interceptor boats of exceptional performance to meet the operational needs of port authorities such as:

  • Fighting smuggling and drug trafficking
  • Tackling illegal immigration
  • Navy support
  • Rescue missions for people and vessels
  • Protection of resources
  • Prevention of marine pollution

Military standardsconstructions

ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS will provide all the essential infrastructure for constructing and repairing all NATO Naval Platforms in order to fulfill the continuous needs of the Hellenic Navy Fleet and ally fleets while operating in the Eastern Mediterranean. Specifically Neorion Shipyards are capable of military standards constructions (manned or unmanned) and can accommodate:

  • Guide Missile Cruisers
  • Missile Destroyers
  • Fast Attack Crafts
  • Frigates
  • Patrol Ships
  • Mine Countermeasure Vessels
  • Submarines
  • Aluminum Haul Vessels