The leader of shipping and repair operator

Our Services

ΟΝΕΧ SYROS SHIPYARDS provides turn key high tech solutions/services in design, manufacture and life cycle support and introduces new innovative services that ensure total customer care and adjustment to the challenges of the new era.

  • Ship Repairs: about 80 ships per year
  • Ship types accepted: General / Bulk carriers, LNG/LPG, Product
  • Carriers, Passenger / Ro-Ro, Car Ferries, offshore vessels, research vessels, military, etc.
  • Mega Yachts
  • Industrial Products
  • Design Office
  • Marine Department
  • Mechanical Department
  • Blasting/Painting Department
  • Maintenance & Support Department
  • Non-Destructive Tests (NDT)

Ship Repair Production Process

Client Initial Request
Commercial Mgt. & Ship Repair Mgt. negotiate details and the Technical Specifications of the repair with the client

Ship Accepted for Repair

  • PM and Invoicer assigned to the Ship
  • PM creates repair time-schedule, (informs)forwards Tech.Spec. to
  • production departments, arranges material supply
  • Subcontracting is considered

Ship Under Repair

  • Repair according to specification, new items are added, others are omitted.
  • Daily contact with the Client, resolves differences
  • PM forwards Job Orders to the appropriate departments heads, arranges QC.
  • Department Heads forward the JO to the foremen/sub-foremen, and divide their resources according to the specific needs.
  • PM and Department heads decide on the use of subcontractors for specific jobs
  • Invoicer records the performed work and charges accordingly.

New Buildings Management

  • Production Planning
  • Production Progress Monitoring
  • Shipyard shops coordination
  • Subcontractors coordination
  • Technical Support

Personnel Training

  • Inter-enterprise training and retraining for various skills
  • Training of young unemployed for various skills
  • Large-scale training, research and study projects

Health & Safety

  • Sick-bay and first-aid facilities
  • Daily attendance of doctor
  • Liaising with local National Health Department & Hospital
  • Yearly checks of all personnel

Quality Management / Quality Control

  • Performs all kind of quality inspections.
  • Quality control can be performed by the foremen of each department.
  • ISO 9001:2000 (BV) certified

Safety & Security

  • Personnel safety
  • Yard safety
  • Vessel safety
  • Proximity to local public fire brigade & hospital

Environmental Protection

  • Seminars and training for environmental protection
  • In compliance to international regulations
  • Under contract with NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS
  • Skimming vessel