MAN and ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS: Strategic Partnership Announcement

MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd. and the shipyard of Syros set the initial steps for the launch of a strategic partnership, last week during a meeting in Neorion with the shipyard’s Management Team, the President of the American ONEX Group, Mr. Panos Xenokostas and Mr. Dionysios Christodoulopoulos, Managing Director of MAN. The subject of the forthcoming cooperation of the yard with the Greek subsidiary is the provision of services to ships, either docked or repaired in Neorio, with the exclusive support of Greek engineers from MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas Ltd.

In addition, there are advanced discussions on the development of capabilities for offering additional services, such as the installation of a permanent technical base of primary support with the appropriate personnel, joint participation in the Hellenic Navy tenders for the repair and replacement of the current equipment, the building of new recreational boats etc.

This partnership shows confidence on behalf of a leading multinational company, to the historic attempt of reviving ship repairing in Greece by the American Group, and as Mr. Christodoulopoulos commented: “This is the first time after several years that we see a solid, comprehensive plan for the support of repair and construction activity. Such initiatives attract the interest of foreign groups, as well as ours. With our dominant position in shipping, we hope to create two-way benefits for both the shipyard of Syros and our company.”

The President of ONEX SHIPYARDS also praised the forthcoming strategic partnership by stating:  “We welcome one of the leading marine engine manufacturers in our shipyards. The exchange of know-how, technological synergies and advanced horizontal services increase the added value to our customers and signify the leading role we are claiming in the Mediterranean and International Markets. MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas in practice supports the transfer of know-how and innovation in Greece at this crucial moment for the industry and the country”.

Note that MAN Diesel & Turbo Hellas holds 90% share of the shipping market and ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS aspires to become the top choice of one stop shop for international shipping offering such on-site services as well.

Finally, the conclusion of such a strategic partnership will help to increase employment, contribute to the Greek economy and boost entrepreneurship.