Neorion Syros Shipyards are evolving as one of the most important tourist-educational destinations in Greece. Since February 2019 and in just two months, 36 schools, primary schools, high schools, general and technical lyceums from all over the country and 1972 pupils and their teachers have passed the gates of the first heavy-duty facility in Greece, living a truly rare and unique experience: an experience of traveling in time from the past to today, seeing the daily routine through the demanding, exciting life of the Neorion, Syros.

From Athens to Larissa, from Nafplion to Samos and Ikaria, the educational community is increasingly discovering the wealth of knowledge that students can obtain from a visit to the historic shipbuilding facility in Greece, reborn now from ONEX SHIPYARDS, which offers since 1861 its services to Greek shipping and the economy of the island of Syros.

The duty of tour guiding students and the young future professionals to the workshops and infrastructures of Neorion has been undertaken by Grigorios Billios, Security Technician who tirelessly and with joy leads them to the fascinating journey of the shipbuilding repairs and their processes and answers all the questions that come up from them which many times are not…the easiest ones!

At the end of the tour, students and escorting teachers are excited by Neorion Syros and this wonderful journey ends with a beautiful group photo in front of the renovated façade of the historic building, as a memory that they will take with them on their way back.

The ONEX SHIPYARDS family, the management and employees, embracing the students’ thirst for knowledge, with joy and emotion, responds to the increased interest of the educational community and promises in the future the enhancement of educational training initiatives for the better acquaintance of Greek children with the shipbuilding repairs and the heavy industry in general, thus contributing catalytically to the further growth of tourism on the island of Syros.