The first presentation of ONEX LifeBox took place at the first exhibition of Digital Technology and Innovation “Beyond 4.0”, which took place in October 14-16, 2021 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center.

Real life through artificial intelligence… Travel, family, fitness and nutrition, licenses / certifications / contact with public services, entertainment outside or inside the house (movies, music, video games), hobbies, travel, work, information, education, shopping products and services… everything that concerns modern humans and for which they seek solutions quickly and easily, as their time is precious. At the same time, technology touches all aspects of their life. The LifeBox that was first presented at the Beyond exhibition, is a platform that offers management services of all aspects of life and which constantly evolves based on artificial intelligence and tailored to each individual needs. Result? Better life, better environment, better quality time.

Source: «Onex Life Box, your Digital Life Partner» | Ειδήσεις για την Οικονομία | newmoney