The Conference entitled “Shipbuilding Industry Day: The Way Forward-Syros 2020” was successfully conducted on Thursday February 6th 2020 at Apollon Theater in Ermoupolis Syros under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investments, The Ministry of Maritime and Insular Policy, The Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy in Greece, following the agreement between Onex Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards for the co-production of vessels in Neorion.

Delegates of the U.S. and Israel Embassies, the Academic Community (National Technical University of Athens), of three associations representing over 715 companies, as well as representatives of local agencies and authorities and the Metropolitan of Syros honored the hosts with their presence.

More than 150 participants from 70 companies from the shipbuilding sector attended the conference, from which 27 companies presented their services aiming at a future cooperation with ONEX Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards. In total 25,000 employees of the shipbuilding sector were represented at the conference.

Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Adonis Georgiades sent a greeting at the opening of the conference, in which stated: “It is very important for Greece to get the Shipbuilding Industry back on track. The example of Syros shows that we can. We are ready to move on with ONEX and Elefsis and we are ready to show that Greece is dynamically back in the shipbuilding

industry. Finally, he wished the best of luck to ONEX and to the cooperation with the Israel Shipyards.

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Mr. Christos Dimas during his greeting stated that: “The agreement between ONEX NEORION Shipyards and Israel Shipyards is a very positive and symbolic development which is part of the overall framework for strengthening Greece’s cooperation and strategic relationship with Israel.” He also noted that one mission from Greece last year and three this year, have visited Israel to see closely how their own innovation ecosystem works, which is a milestone. The aim of the Government and the Ministry of Development is to enhance Greece’s extroversion and to exchange good practices for research and innovation and thus to create economic opportunities. ”

Echoing U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt’s participation in the recent inauguration of ONEX’s acquisition of the Neorion Shipyards, Keith Silver, Commercial Counselor of the U.S. Embassy, reiterated that “ΟΝΕΧ’s investment builds on a long history of U.S. – Greece ties in the maritime sector, and the U.S government views Neorion as an important American investment- strategically, commercially, and symbolically.”

President and CEO of ONEX Group Mr. Panos Xenokostas emphasized that the aim of the conference was to establish a Greek ecosystem for shipbuilding activities and to increase the reputation and recognition of Greek manufacturers. He also mentioned that he is delighted to be leading the best the past couple of years from all levels, General Managers, Executives, Directors, Production, Employees and all those who give their best to keep the ONEX flag flying high.

As far as the cooperation between Onex Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards is concerned, he stated that the relations between the two countries Greece and Israel are closer than ever before, and alongside Cyprus and the strong support of the U.S. government the energy routes of the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond are officially open. In conclusion, Mr. Xenokostas looking into the future guaranteed that ONEX Neorion Shipyards can have a corvette or similar vessel ready in 250 days, a record time for a Greek Shipyard, as he explained in detail.

Israel Shipyards was represented by Mr. Eitan Zucker C.E.O and Mr. Oded Breier VP of Marketing, who during his presentation claimed to be satisfied with the cooperation with ONEX Neorion Shipyards and very optimistic in regards to the implementation of major shipbuilding projects, in the future. Moreover, he presented all category vessels, manufactured in Israeli Shipyards. Among other things, Mr. Breier stated that through the cooperation with ONEX Shipyards, Israel Shipyards can contribute by providing solution for the Greek Navy, but also the Navy of many other countries.

The 27 companies that presented their services during the conference were :

1sense, ABS Group, Archmid, Eline, Elektroden Tech, Eltrak, ELVIK, Eurochem, FEAC, J&E Papadopoulos S.A, Kleemann, Koronakis S.A, Linde, Marita, Martech, Mevaco, Muehlhan, Navinco, Poseidon Marine Supplies, Prisma Electronics, SD Leader, Seametron, Troia Shipping, Wartsila and WIMA.