In a highly emotional atmosphere and endless congratulations, Mr. Panos Xenokostas, President &
CEO of ONEX Technologies Group presented the developments in Neorion Syros Shipyards in the
crowded Columbia Plaza Hall, Limassol, where the 3rd Capital Link Shipping Cyprus Forum was
held on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

The enthusiasm was so obvious that one of the international ship owners that participated
congratulated Mr. Xenokostas and the Family of Neorion, for the speed, quality and unsurpassed
experience he had personally experienced there, a few months after the facilities’ reopening.
Indeed, the way in which the international shipping community welcomed ONEX SYROS
SHIPYARDS’ participation indicates the importance of the historic yard.

The founder and CEO of ONEX Technologies Group, Mr. Panos Xenokostas, presented the
progress made in the modernization and development of the Neorion Syros Shipyards.

He referred to the record number of more than 50 ships already been docked since April 2018, the
conversion of Neorion into a "green yard" by applying new ecological cleaning and production
methods, refurbishing equipment, opening new jobs, and the ever-increasing benefits for Syros's
local society.
The presentation was accompanied by a video documentary showing the past of the historic
shipyard, the promising present and the even brighter future through new investments and plant

Mr. Xenokostas was congratulated by foreign and Greek representatives of international and Greek
shipping on the fact that Greece is once again acquiring a fully operational shipyard which attracts to
the country clientele with the specialization of its employees and its competitiveness over the rest of
the Mediterranean shipyards.

It is noteworthy that only a year ago the yard had essentially ceased to operate while all its facilities
were totally out of use with enormous safety and environmental pollution issues.