His warm and cordial thanks for the steady contribution of the Neorion Syros Shipyards to the Hellenic Coast Guard expressed through a letter to Mr. Panos Xenokostas, President & CEO, ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS, the Harbor Master of Syros Port, Lieutenant Commander HCG Ioannis Vamvakousis.

In his letter, the Harbor Master expressed the gratitude of his service for the shipyards’ support, since their engineering departments have recently carried out free of charge maintenance work on the anti-pollution vessel PLS 421 of Syros Port Authority by lifting it on a floating dock and providing extensive technical interventions by a large number of skilled workers.

Mr. Vamvakousis said: “This kind offer contributes most to the strengthening of the assets of the operational capabilities of the Syros Port Authority, in particular the anti-pollution vessel PLS 421, which whenever required operates, in the sensitive field of environmental protection. This act ultimately comes to the benefit of society as a whole and highlights your expressed environmental sensitivities.”

Finally, the Commander once again thanked Mr. Xenokostas for his spontaneous and therefore extra value offer to the HC. 

It is noteworthy that one day after its repair, the anti-pollution vessel PLS 421, as it was already operationally ready and ordered by the Ministry, rushed to the island of Sifnos where a marine casualty occurred to clean any pollutants.

This letter of gratitude once again indicates the support shown by ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS to the Hellenic security forces and in this case to the Hellenic Coast Guard whose officers with a high sense of duty protect the ports, the marine environment and Greek citizens.

ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS, from its turn, thanks the Syros Port Authority for its tireless efforts, and promises to be always supportive with any means to the service’s daily struggle with any means she has through its corporate philosophy: “We proudly serve those who proudly serve our country”.