The future of Shipyards in Europe.

The Neorion Shipyards, Syros, Greece visited on Friday, November 23, 2018, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Greece, Mr. Jens Plotner.

Along with his associates, Mr. Jens Plotner took a guided tour of the Greek shipyard.

Then followed a discussion in the meeting room where he expressed his country’s great interest in the potential of Neorion and his concern for the future of shipyards in Europe.

The visit of the European diplomat to the country’s historic and oldest Greek shipyard comes just a few days after the ratification of the Court of First Instance of Syros of the consolidation plan by the company ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS, and months after the huge infrastructure restoration and the re-opening of the former discredited and practically closed shipyard.

Since last spring, 40 ships have been repaired in Neorion, thanks to the growth of demand and confidence that they have shown the Greek shipowners to the craftsmanship of the workers of Syros.

By this way Neorion Syros Shipyards in this new era, are a catalyst for the revitalization of the economy of the island of Syros, the Greek economy in general, and confront the chronic unemployment and immigration of many skilled shipbuilders.

At the same time, the international sensation that was created by the total restoration of Neorion through ONEX SHIPYARDS’ plan, has elevated the case of the historic shipyard to an important topic of discussion within the European Union. Indeed, as Mr. Plotner commented, the revival of Neorion boosts optimism for other European yards too.

Mr. Plotner commented that he was truly impressed by these developments regarding the reopening of the shipyard by ONEX SYROS SHIPYARDS, and he also expressed his wish for the continuous progress of Neorion as its much promising future will contribute to the economic development and prosperity of Greece and of the European Union in a broader sense.

On behalf of ONEX SHIPYARDS it was stressed out that “while many important steps have been taken, all together with love for the shipyard and for the art of maritime, we continue to work hard for modernizing the yard, optimizing production, giving solution to aging environmental problems with respect to people and the environment”.

It was also stated that Neorion’s bet for competitiveness will be won through international recognition.

The Ambassador received also a commemorative plaquette of his visit by the shipyards’ administration.