The new Information System of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport developed by ONEX Group, was presented on February 14th 2022, by the Deputy Minister Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos, the General Secretary of Transport Mr. Giannis Xifaras, together with the General Manager of ONEX IoT, Mr. Konstantinos Nikolouzos.


The new system provides numerous capabilities for the digitization of the procedures in the Transport Services and the improvement of the citizens’ service. Millions of data related to vehicle registrations, licenses, driving licenses and special licenses have been successfully transferred to a new digital environment with many possibilities to support new applications. In particular, data transferred concern 13 million vehicles and 14 million owners, 8 million driving licenses and the adaptation of 150 administrative procedures to 5 application groups.  A key element of the new system is its interoperability with other Services information systems, which was not possible with the previous information system. Gradually, the new Information System will be integrated with new applications such as the electronic control of the supporting documents for the vehicle transfers and the electronic update of the system for the KTEO controls and the Traffic fees payments.


Source: Ψηφιοποιούνται οι υπηρεσίες του υπουργείου Υποδομών και Μεταφορών (

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